Hi, my name is Alexander Hall. This website contains some of the stuff I've been working with for the last few years. A bunch of art projects, some graphic design, various noise & music and a carefully increasing number of coding projects.

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About me.

I was born in 1979. Which means that I'm now 32 years old. I have an English father and a Swedish mother. I live with Emma and our two kids in a teeny-tiny village called Sandsbacka, a few miles from Gothenburg.

The art field has been my professional habitat for the last decade or so. Mainly as a curator/producer, and in recent years also as an artist/performer.

For the next two years I'm hoping to improve my coding skills while attending the Web Development Programme at Linnæus University.

PSRS - Public Space Research Satellite One Market Under God, ch.2 Enjoy Whiteness Enjoy Whiteness Enjoy Whiteness GUACHO MOBILE UNIT Violence Symbolique Violence Symbolique An Odyssey of Ashes An Odyssey of Ashes

Public Space Research Satellite

One Market Under God, ch.2
St. John's Church, Malmö

Enjoy Whiteness
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

Enjoy Whiteness
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

Enjoy Whiteness
Stora Teatern, Gothenburg

Norsholmen, Gotland

Violence Symbolique
Örnehufvudsgatan, Gothenburg

Violence Symbolique
Örnehufvudsgatan, Gothenburg

An Odyssey of Ashes (hjärtat blöder)
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

An Odyssey of Ashes (hjärtat blöder)
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm


In 2007 me and artist/director/friend Gustaf Iziamo created GUACHO - an artist-run organization for site-specific art and performance. GUACHO has since then initiated several art projects, presented and performed in different parts of Sweden and Europe.

One Market Under God Franke Skinnad / 90-60-90 Tesoro Teaterbaren

One Market Under God - GUACHO

"Skinnad / 90-60-90" - Franke

"Det krävs bara några sprickor..." - Franke

Tesoro - Eva Ingemarsson DP

Teaterbaren at Atalante


Graphic design.

I've been doing occa­sional free­lance work in graphic design. Mainly for print and front end web design.

Atalante logo


Between 2003-2006 I worked as in-house producer at the experimental art venue Atalante in Gothenburg where I, amongst other things, arranged a series of social debates and a night club called Oboi.


I spent two years (2001-2003) at Kulturverkstan in Gothenburg where I received a Diploma in "Project management with a focus on culture and IT". Prior to that I did Cultural Studies for two years at Umeå University and University of Gothenburg. I am currently attending the two-year Web Development Programme at Linnæus University.

Sound of music.

I've been making music for several years. On my own (including sound design for film and theatre) as well as in var­i­ous bands/con­stel­la­tions, such as the electronic dance/noise duo Kriget and the psy­chobilly rock band Franke.


Once upon a time.

In the early years of the 21th century I ran a DIY publishing label called Oktobra, releasing and distributing CD:s, books, pamphlets and other situationist-inspired propaganda. Oktobra later evolved into a loose network of politically engaged (i.e. frustrated) artists/activists, joining forces in a series of interventions around the city.

Following this period I co-arranged a series of autonomous political events, such as Kreativt Motstånd in Gothenburg and Förortsforum in Angered and Hammarkullen - featuring seminars, workshops and various performances.


During two months in 2002 I held an internship at Rhizome in New York - an online community directed towards art and technology.